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Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When you hire a roofing contractor, you’re really making an investment in your biggest asset: your home. It’s important to do your homework before you make a roofing investment. The best thing you can do is interview your potential contractor before you hire him. Asking the right questions at the beginning can save you money.

 By asking your contractor the right questions, you can determine his reliability, reputation, and experience, and his dedication to delivering a project to your satisfaction.

Is this contractor qualified to understand the PROBLEM?
The number one problem is determining your contractor’s qualifications before you select one. In fact, if you choose a qualified, experienced contractor, you don’t have to worry about asking the rest of these questions.

 The ideal contractor already has the right answers to your problems; they already use the right products and follow the correct specifications; they already employ the right people; and the right contractor also comes at the right price.

Does this contractor use quality PRODUCTS?
Even the best contractor can’t do a satisfactory job with poor materials. It’s important to combine proper specifications, materials and installation with quality craftsmanship.

Does this contractor employ qualified, experience PEOPLE to do the job?
When it comes to products, the quality, the manufacturer and the length of their warranty doesn’t matter if it is installed by an incompetent contractor. Unless products are installed properly, it will never perform as intended or as you anticipated. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to pay twice for a project, because they failed to carefully qualify the contractor before beginning the project.

Does the PRICE reflect the quality and extent of the work?
Will your roofing investment turn out to be an expense instead? If the work is done correctly, according to established specifications and craftsmanship, then the finished project will be an investment. If the work is done incorrectly, you are simply “burning money.”

REMEMBER: The time required to do your homework now is minuscule compared to:
The problems you’ll encounter if you select the wrong contractor, and
The time and money it will take to undo and repair an incompetent job.

Prevent Ice Dams

Prevent Ice Dams

  Ice dams can cause major damage to the interior of your home. The best time to do something to prevent this from happening is when you are having your roof done, by properly preparing the roof deck.

  Ice dams are formed by the constant melting and refreezing of snow on the roof. This is caused by heat escape, usually due to lack of insulation or the backing up of frozen slush from the eavestrough. Water from the melted snow flows under the snow until it reaches the unheated soffit area and refreezes. This causes a dam where it can easily push back up under the shingles and cause water to enter the attic causing damage to the interior walls, ceiling, insulation and of course the roof itself.

To reduce the likelihood of this happening, consider taking the following actions:

  • Keep the attic space cold by insulating it to prevent or reduce the amount of heat loss from the interior of the home, which in turn can melt the snow on the roof.
  • Installing baffles when insulating to ensure air flow at the eaves.
  • Ensuring that the eavestrough is lower than the roof line to allow snow and ice to slide off.
  • Ensure the eavestrough is free of debris by regular cleaning or by installing Gutter Guard.
  • Installing at least 3’ of ice and water shield at the eaves of all heated roof decks in conjunction with a metal drip edge or eavestarter. This creates a watertight envelope at the eaves above the eavestrough and greatly reduces the odds of an ice damming leak.

If your roof suffers from ice damming, please feel free to call one of our offices to discuss possible solutions before too much damage is done.

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